Sunday, 3 July 2011


100% Pashmina White RM25

                                                     100% Pashmina Gold RM25

100% Pashmina Cream RM25

100% Pashmina Cornsilk RM20
100% Pashmina Dark Green RM20
100% Pashmina Dark Purple RM20
100% Pashmina Plum RM20
100% Pashmina Dark Khaki RM20

100% Pashmina Pink RM20
100% Pashmina Maroon RM20
100% Pashmina Dark Olive Green RM20
100% Pashmina Amethyst RM20
100% Pashmina Grey RM20
100% Pashmina Medium Orchid RM20
100% Pashmina Magenta RM20

100% Pashmina Dark Grey RM20

100% Pashmina Cocoa Bean RM20

100% Pashmina Firebrick RM20
100% Pashmina Turqoise RM20

100% Pashmina Black RM25

100% Pashmina Khaki RM20
100% Pashmina Dark Orange RM20

 NOTE: Dear visitors, we are currently resrocking our plain pashmina. 
You can pre-order now and can request colours which are not displayed above. Pashmina plain will be available by 1st October 2011. Thank you for visiting. Have a nice day.


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  2. Assalamu Alaikum sister, can you please tell me how you did your hijab style? I have been trying for a while and I haven't been able to achieve your hijab style. Jkh

  3. Do you still have this in your stock? I want the black one? Pls check for me and reply. Thank you.